Krkonošský survival
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Krkonošský survival


Krkonošský survival is a team race for people who are 18 and older. A team must have 3 members. There're 3 categories. MEN, WOMEN and MIX. MIX means that both genders are present. 1+2 or 2+1.

THE RACE STARTS ON MARCH 16th 2018 at 22:00. This year teams will be taken by bus to a start about 40km away. Buses will leave Kara at 20:45.

Presentation will be inside race center – a hut Kara, between 18:00 and 19:55. Pre race briefing starts at 20:00 in front of the hut. Captains (only captains) have to be presented.

End of the race is on March 17th at 18:00 in front of the hut Kara. Teams will be penalised for later arrival.

Teams collect points on CP’s in terrain. The point values will be between 100 and 500 points (multiples of 100, for better orientation it will be printed on maps). Teams can get additional points for disciplines like „survival skills“, XC-skiing part, orienteering run or timed running uphill. Maximum number of points for a discipline is 1500.

All 3 members of a team must be together all the time, maximal range is 50m. It's up to everyone where (when) to use snowshoe, cross country ski or shoes. Skialpinistic ski are not allowed. On the way there are places where it's possible to buy food and fluids (after 8 or 10AM).

A team must carry mandatory equipment all the time. Missing of any piece of the equipment will cause penalty points. Mandatory equipment for each member is: ID card or passport, mobile phone (switched ON – spare battery is a good idea), head lamp in working condition (whole race), NRC (survival) blanket minimum 150×200cm, climbing harness, locking spring hook, 2 pcs simple spring hook, 2 slings, descending device (figure 8, reverso or similar), whistle, compass, foldable knife – with blade at least 5cm long, at least 100 Czech crowns (for refreshment on the way), a compass, a strong plastic bag at least 20×20cm for garbage, a team number provided by organizers (must be visible throughout the whole race and to lay over last layer of clothes). A team must have first-aid kit and one spare head lamp (or torch). First aid kit must include 8 pieces of painkillers – ibuprofen 400mg (or similar), 2× elastic bandage, 2× nonelastic bandage, 1 pressure bandage, aid healing blisters (4pcs), 30ml of antiseptic liquid. Recommended equipment is a map holder, ski, snowshoe, trekking poles, a bottle, food, spare clothes, a camera, reflexive straps on clothes and bags + other equipment good for this type of activity.

After a start there'll be a PROLOGUE – 4 CP's on a circle of circumference about 1km. Teams must visit them in mandatory order. The order for each team will be given to them after they’ll come to a start of the prologue. This will cause that teams will spread into surroundings with only a little chance to follow others and after finishig all the 4 CP's there won't be big groups on the course. CP's folloving after that will be optional and teams can choose according to snowfall, fitness, orienteering abilities, remaining time and so on where to go and where not to. There'll be about 40 CP's at the altitude from 500m to 1400m above sea level. CP's with a discipline will have time limits. These „opening hours“ will be written on given maps. Together with point value for a discipline. On all CP's there'll be a puncher known from orienteering races. Together with a name of the CP (numbers from 1 to 40) there'll be written three characters. These must be sent by SMS together with a number of the CP. Exact form (very similar) will be explained during pre race briefing and will be written on the back of puncher card. To force teams to send SMS's, the quickest team on a given CP will receive +10% more points (i.e. 110%) for the CP. Next will get less and less. Last teams will get „only“ 100%. There will be cross-country ski section. It's not mandatory but by not making this section won't get larger amount of points for that.

During the race it's forbidden to use any organized help. It means no cooperation with other teams, no taxi, bicycle, ski lift and so on. Participants are allowed to use only their own equipment (the one they have at the beginning of the race). Receiving and using equipment delivered by someone from the outside is not allowed. Each team supply its own food and drinks for the entire event and is responsible for it. There are pubs, shops, mountain restaurants on the way. Teams are allowed to get help from accidentally met people (for example repair of ski) and from shops, huts etc. Teams are not allowed to take advantage of meals prepared by somebody from the outside (e.g. friends, family). Illegal assistance will lead to disqualification. It's not allowed to use GPS navigation. GPS tracker (without screen) can be used. It's not allowed to use other maps than those you'll have from organizers. You'll get 1 waterproof set and 1 paper set. We remind to respect privacy, not to throw garbage, to respect instructions of KRNAP (National Park of Krkonoše mountains). Every competitor is responsible (MUST ASSIST) for assisting another competitor in case of an emergency.

If some teams will be delayed because of other teams in a row (queue) during possible waiting to make a special tasks, their delay will be written and finish time will be postponed fot the same interval.

If a team will come in time interval from 1 second till 10minutes after it's finish time, it'll receive 30 points penalty for each started minute. For interval 10:01 – 20:00 we'll add 60 points for another started minute. For 20:01 – 30:00 there're 120points/minute. An example – arrival 25 minutes and 16 seconds after time limit will result in 1620 points of penalty. Arrival later than 30 minutes = penalty 3.000 points more. Arrival after 60minutes = DNF.

A doctor will be presented inside Kara or on the course.

Equipment for climbing (except climbing harness+locking carabine+descending device+2 pcs simple spring hook+2 slings) will be provided by organizers. When a member of a team withdraws from the race, the entire team won't be classified. Organizers have right to withdraw anybody from the race in case of medical problems of a racer or in case of breaking the rules. Organizers will not accept liability for any personal accident or injury during the event. A Competitor Agreement Document form must be completed and signed by all competitors. Competitors take responsibility for their own safety throughout the whole race. Appropriate insurance is recommended. Organizers don't take responsibility for damage done by competitors or by the others. Organizers cannot guarantee transport for teams that decide to discontinue the race. All competitors agree with publication of their images in the promotional materials and media reports of sponsors and organizers. The final interpretation of above regulations is up to organizers.

If you want a contact for accomodation for the weekend, just write us a message. We can recommed a few possibilities.

Protests can be given under returnable fee 300 czech crowns.

To go inside a race center „Kara“, you'll have to change your shoes (for example sandals) or just to take your shoes off.

There can appear some additional details.