Krkonošský survival
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Krkonošský survival

About race

The race is scorelauf lasting 20 hours. 3 members teams collect Check Points (CP's) in terrain. There're categories Men, Women and Mix (Mix = both genders are presented. 2+1 or 1+2). CP's are evaluated by different point values. The winner of the race is the team with the highest number of points. All teams start at the same time. Teams do additional activities on the way.


15.3.2019 at 22:00 on a place about 40km from finish line 

teams have to go to a start by bus. Buses leave 20:45! 

SURVIVAL for teams of three for 20 hours

cross-country ski (stage at least 20km long), snowshoes, trek, orienteering, climbing,

Roudnice (Giant Mountains), hut Kara

GPS = 50°40'26" 15°30'44"

Show poster

email: info<(at)>krko­nosskysurvival­.cz

The racers will be taken by buses from the mountain hut Kara (where the finish line is) to a start line. There, after about an hour of prologue, the teams will go back and will collect CP's on the way back. There will be additional disciplines like timed running uphill, orienteering run, rope activity or river crossing.

Starting fee is 117€ for a team. This includes T-shirt and a dinner after the race. All teams which will pay after December 31th (2018) will pay 145€. (Foreign) Teams registered after January 1st will be deleted from the start list if their payment won't come 25 days after registering. Data for payment will be sent after registration.

Bed at race center costs 16€ per weekend. It means Friday + Saturday night. Place on a floor (at dining room – total 70 places) in the hut Kara is for 4€ per person. When all those places will be fully booked, we can recommed similar places close to Kara.

TV report (just in Czech) from Krkonošský (Giant Mountain) survival 2018 can be watched HERE